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Tow Truck Comedy of Errors!






Comments: Let's face it, the best laid plans do go awry, and there are few things funnier than seeing someone make the same catastrophic mistake twice. This would be a perfect example, but for the fact that these images don't tell an entirely true story.

The incident did happen, yes -- but, contrary to the photographic "evidence," only one tow truck fell into the harbour while trying to salvage a wrecked vehicle, not two. The final image in the series was doctored (compare images).

The true story is told in a suitably Joycean account penned by Richard De Stacpoole of Roundstone Village in County Galway, Ireland, where the events actually transpired in September 2004:

We have certainly have had our ups and downs in the village this year what with somebody falling off the village wall, thank god not killed, and then in the wee hours of Saturday morning, a car goes into the Harbour, with a young man at the wheel, the car landed upside down and if it was not for the vigilance [of] Mary King who alerted Sean de Courcey, Sean fair play to him pulled this man out of the car, which was nearly totally submerged in the tide and pulled him to safety, what ever way you look at it, Sean saved his life, yet again another near fatal accident, and then I suppose on the slightly humorous side and to add insult to injury, a tow truck was called out to pull the car out, now get this, the truck fell in while trying to lift the car, no donĂ­t worry there was no one in it, it was remote controlled, but the machine was not heavier enough to lift the car out, therefore, a proper professional machine had to be called in, and the job was done, no loss of life, what was interesting the amount of people that came to have a look at this task you would think we had another social event going on.